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How To Get the Best Car Insurance Quote in Massachusetts

By November 15, 2016Blog

We get it, living in Boston is expensive. Between the newest restaurant opening around the corner and that killer concert at the Garden, the bills can add up — not to mention the rising cost of rent. But never fear, is here to help you get the best car insurance quote in Massachusetts! We know you’re always looking to save money, so we want to help you while making sure you still get the insurance coverage you need to stay protected.

Here are a few tips to follow as you shop for car insurance:

1) Understand Who You’re Buying From

When you buy insurance direct from a carrier like the little lizard dude or that nice lady Flo, their big pitch is, “save money, buy from us.” Meaning: they’ll give you the lowest price, perhaps even if it’s not the best policy for your individual needs. Remember, when you’re talking ‘name your price,’ you get what you pay for. You may get a lower price, but you’re probably not getting the proper coverage you need, which could cost you big bucks if you get into an accident.

2) Understand Your Car Insurance Policy

This should be pretty obvious, but when you’re signing up for insurance, make sure you understand the specifics of your policy. This will help you make a smart decision and help you in case you have a claim. For example, direct carriers may offer to lower your Bodily Injury Liability to save you money. While this may save you a little money up front, what it really means is you have less coverage if you ever injure someone in a car accident. which could lead to you having to pay out of pocket. Between school loans, car loans, and rent, can you really afford to take that risk?

Be honest when it comes to choosing coverage. Think about your driving history and how much you drive when deciding what level of coverage you need. Saving a little money up front but not having adequate coverage when you need it is not smart.

#ProTip: Be wary of plans that are only locked in for 6 months; the price will likely increase when it comes time to renew.

3) Always Give Accurate Information

When you’re shopping for insurance, make sure to have your registration and license on hand. Also, be sure to answer any questions about your driving history as honestly and accurately as possible. Think of it this way, if you give inaccurate information when trying to get a quote, your quote won’t be accurate either.

#SuperProTip: Think you can outsmart your insurance carrier by just ‘forgetting’ to tell them some not so great details about your driving record? Think again. It’s not a question if they’ll find out, it’s a question of when. And when they do, the best-case scenario is that they notify you of a rate increase and that you’re responsible for back pay on your increased insurance. Worst case, you get in an accident and find out that you’re not covered at all. That’s right, did you know that an insurance company can cancel your policy if you give them false information?

4) Consider Smart Ways to Save Money On Your Car Insurance

One of the benefits of working with an independent insurance agent, like, is that they can discuss your needs and options to find a perfect policy to fit your unique situation. Here’s an example, if you are a driver with a good record, it may make sense to pick a policy with a higher deductible and lower premium. Conversely, choosing to take a deductible on your personal injury protection may save you a little money right now, but if you ever were to get in an accident, you would end up with less coverage when you need it.

Here are a few other examples of ways an independent agent can help you get the best car insurance quote in Massachusetts:

  • Bundle your home and auto with the same insurance company
  • Do you drive a hybrid car? Then ask for a discount
  • Most cars come with an alarm system, which qualifies for a discount
  • Not using your car that often? If you drive less, you may pay less
  • Multi car discounts are often available for your family of drivers
  • If you have kids, check to see if you qualify for a good student discount
  • If your kids are away at school, you could be getting a discount

5) Know Your Tolerance And Your Needs

This one can be tough, but when choosing an insurance policy, you should learn to evaluate what you’re comfortable with and what you really need. A good agent can help you figure that out by asking you the right questions so you can make an informed decision. Basically, consider what would happen if you got in a car accident tomorrow. Not in a few months after you get that raise or in a year when you (hopefully) have a little more money saved up. If you got in an accident tomorrow, what help would you need from your insurance company?

Have more questions about how you can get the best car insurance quote in Massachusetts? Get at us, we’re always around to help! Visit our website anytime for more tips, answers, and solutions:

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